About Wide Bay

Our Community and Electorate Map

The Wide Bay electorate located in South East Queensland, includes Maryborough, the Gympie region and reaches from Noosa in the south to South Burnett and Cherbourg in the west and to K’Gari (Fraser Island) in the east. The electorate covers 14,573 sq kms and at the last census had a population of 144,098 people.

Wide Bay was given its name by James Cook as he sailed past Double Island Point, near Rainbow Beach. The Port of Maryborough was settled in 1847 and during the 19th century Wide Bay became well known as ships passed through the area before entering the Great Sandy Strait and the port. Gold was discovered in Gympie in 1867.

Today the Wide Bay region has a vibrant tourism industry including world renowned eco tourism attractions, a strong agricultural economy including beef, dairy, pigs, sugar, grain, cotton, fruit and vegetables. It also hosts a successful light and heavy industrial engineering business sector.

Electorate Map of Wide Bay

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